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Ramit Sethi graduated from Stanford University in 2005, where he earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees, and studied technology and psychology.  He co-founded PBwiki, a venture-backed start-up.  He created and blogs at his own site, IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com, which serves over 300,000 readers each month, and has written a New York Times best-selling book by the same [...]

An experience many years ago demonstrated to me clearly that the best way to experience the appreciation of a brand for its customers is to watch what they do and how they do it when they make a mistake.  In that case, without me asking, it was Disney in a stunning display of pro-active over-delivery [...]

It was just a year ago this week that I arrived at a hotel in Dana Point, California for a very small, very private 3-day mastermind session.   In attendance were 7 other marketer/entrepreneurs who spend most of their business time in the health markets as I do.    We were prepared for a fun but very rigorous cooperative [...]

MediaWeek posted a brief video interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz several days ago which is both revealing and instructive for authors, personalities or anyone publishing and/or advising them.   Just as I was taking a “wait and see” attitude with his upcoming television show (which debuts tomorrow), this brief piece gives me a new context for Oz’s approach [...]

I finally had my first opportunity to travel on Virgin America Airlines this past Thursday, July 23, from New York to Los Angeles.    I’ve flown from NY/NJ airports to the West coast countless times over the years and typically at the 3 hour mark into the 5+ hour flight I’m counting the minutes until touchdown [...]