A Revealing Interview With Dr. Mehmet Oz

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MediaWeek posted a brief video interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz several days ago which is both revealing and instructive for authors, personalities or anyone publishing and/or advising them.   Just as I was taking a “wait and see” attitude with his upcoming television show (which debuts tomorrow), this brief piece gives me a new context for Oz’s approach that has me positively anticipating his show both professionally and personally.

Although a relative minority of doctors/coaches, etc. are ever interviewed on video or television or get to host their own show  (although web-based formats are changing the landscape for video/TV exposure very quickly), be sure to consider Oz’s points for maximizing your impact or that of an author you publish in both audio and print formats as well.

(NOTE: 11/23 - unfortunately, I just discovered the video has been pulled from the web so I’ve removed the link!   Two months later, I still think Dr. Oz is doing an admirable job.)

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Your brother September 16, 2009 at 3:23 am

I know he’s great at this media thing, but I hate to see the world lose a good cardiac surgeon…


Dr. Andrew Colyer January 15, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Hey, Michael:

It was great connecting with you at the System Eagles in Newark. It’s great to meet someone in the marketing industry who has so much experience specifically in the Health Care world.

Interesting you wrote this post about Dr. Oz, because I was just watching his show for the first time last week and thinking about how I could do something similiar, presenting through my own lens, over at:


I know they pulled the video on Dr. Oz, but I did find an article on him:

I really appreciate many of your points and insights; I have never seen or heard someone someone talk about Love and Caring as a point in copywriting.

Thank you for teaching people to be more caring about their customers. That is rare in the marketplace.

Dr. Andrew Colyer


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